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Tips for Buying a Headstone Monument

Buying a memorial headstone for your deceased loved one is daunting. With a variety of designs and styles available, making the perfect choice to represent your loved one can be difficult.

Tips for buying a headstone monument

Cost, quality and craftsmanship are important when buying a headstone. So, set a budget, before you begin looking.

Granite is a common and affordable choice for a headstone. It is durable, and can be constructed into a variety of sizes and designs. Other popular choices are marble and granite.

View the work of different monument building companies, and observe their craftsmanship. Compare skill and prices, and choose the best among them. You should know the cemetery regulations before making a decision. Go with a reputable company that can meet the standards established by the cemetery.

Once you have chosen a company, discuss what you want on the monument. You can include:

  • Name, birth and death dates of the deceased
  • Phrases you want written on the headstone
  • Symbols and other designs that will accent the design
  • Portrait of the deceased

To view a variety of headstone monument designs in New York, visit Polchinski Memorials’ indoor showroom in Westchester County, New York. Call 914-984-4198 for details.


Types of Mausoleums

Mausoleums are built to honor the memory of a deceased person. Mausoleums are generally made from granite, and are available in many colors and designs.

Types of Mausoleums

Private Family Mausoleums: Private family mausoleums hold several members of the same family. It allows family members to remain together – even in death.

Preassembled Mausoleums: Individually constructed mausoleums are assembled at the cemetery. They can be personalized with urns and vases.

Signature Mausoleums: Signature mausoleums display elaborate designs and embellishments.

Community Mausoleums: Community mausoleums are owned and maintained by the cemetery. The cost of constructing a community mausoleum is almost equal to that of in-ground burial costs.

For a reliable monument and mausoleum builder, contact Polchinski Memorials. Call 914-984-4198 for details.