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Different Cemetery Monument Finishes

cemetery monument

A cemetery monument can help to commemorate the life of your loved one with a tribute that is fitting to his/her life and personality. Once you have selected an appropriate style and design for the monument, you can decide on the type of finish you wish to have. Choosing the right type of finish is important as it will ensure long term durability and also add to the aesthetics of the monument.

There are different types of cemetery memorial finishes available. These include:

Polished monuments are smooth and shiny. However, they require regular cleaning and maintenance. Their reflective surface can make them stand out.

Partly-polished monuments are polished on the inscription and base area. This highlights the epitaph and other images if any. The other areas are sawn, sanded, blasted or rubbed.

Honed finishes are smooth, but unreflective. This effect is achieved by using dust to partially remove the polish. A honed finish adds depth to the colors on the monument and is often used on stones that have three or more colors. They are very durable and require minimal cleaning and maintenance.

A pitched or rock pitch finish is created using a bolster and hammer. It gives the monument a very rustic look which makes it blend in with older surroundings.

Base Finishes
Base finish can make the monument table stand out and create a different look. The base is often polished and is used to inscribe names, dates and an epitaph.

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