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Are Mausoleums the Right Choice for You?


As a method of housing the remains of one or more deceased individuals, mausoleums have been utilized since 350 BC. In early Egypt, pyramids were used as mausoleums to house the remains of Egyptian pharaohs. Currently, remains are stored above ground in a defined space called a crypt. This kind of entombment may be a bit costlier than a traditional burial, although the cost can be divided among family members. There are advantages and disadvantages to a mausoleum, as outlined below:

The Advantages

  • Mausoleums are generally considered to be cleaner and dryer than a traditional underground burial, which is beneficial for those who do not want cremation and are uneasy about being buried underground.
  • Mausoleums generally reduce the amount of land necessary for burials which makes them more ecologically friendly.
  • Mausoleums are buildings, which allow visitors to pay their respects all year round. Some mausoleums provide background music and benches so that visitors are comfortable when they visit.
  • There are many options including single, companion and family configurations, which allow a family to be entombed together and making this option more cost-effective.
  • If you choose a mausoleum, you or your loved one can be buried any time of the year.

The Disadvantages

  • It is vital to make sure that the mausoleum is water and weatherproof because over time, damage can be done to the caskets that may compromise the structure. To minimize these chances, choose a premier memorial company like Polchinski Memorials to ensure the best possible experience. Mausoleums have different rules and regulations pertaining to their maintenance, the placement of different types of floral arrangements and tributes, the markers outside the crypt and visiting hours.

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