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How to Choose the Perfect Eulogy

The loss of a loved one is never easy. There are myriad decisions to be made and if you are choosing to have a funeral or memorial for your family member, one important decision is the right person to deliver the eulogy. For most people, writing and delivering a eulogy is a deeply emotional experience. If you are thinking about a specific person for a funeral or memorial, it’s important to let that person know that you are considering them in case they are uncomfortable with this responsibility.

Family members, clergy, funeral conductors and friends are usually tasked with delivering eulogies at memorials. At religious funerals, it is usually the clergy that delivers the eulogy, although others may be able to eulogize, or speak lovingly about your loved one. The number of speakers is up to the person responsible for the memorial. If it is a religious ceremony, the main eulogy is delivered by the clergy member that officiates the service. While a eulogy can be more formal, other speakers can also share anecdotes, say prayers, recite poems and tell stories about your loved one.

Eulogy topics can be as varied as the loved one themselves. The focus can be on the deceased individual’s religious faith, professional life, hobbies and artistic interests, or their personal life. Many people share their memories of the deceased and tell stories about their interactions and relationship with that person over the years. You might want the speaker to choose the content of the eulogy, or you may want to suggest a topic. It’s important to prepare the person who has been chosen to deliver the eulogy ahead of time to let them know what you would like to hear at the memorial. Sometimes humor can go a long way in alleviating the sadness and ‘heaviness’ that is usually present during a funeral or memorial service. If this is uncomfortable for you, let the person you have chosen to deliver the eulogy know that and suggest some topics that you feel are more appropriate.

Polchinski Memorials understands the emotional and financial parameters of planning a funeral of memorial. Our compassion and sensitivity is well known throughout the area. We have been in business for decades and can give you the valuable advice and guidance necessary for making the important decision of choosing the right memorial and the perfect eulogy for your loved one. Please call us for more information at 914-984-4198 or 203-413-1345. You can also email us at


What You Need to Know about Private Family Mausoleums


A private family mausoleum is an above-ground building used as a permanent resting place for the deceased. Some private mausoleums are single mausoleums and others are family mausoleums. If you are considering a private family mausoleum, here is what you need to know:


  • It is private and allows the burial space to be personalized.
  • Everything can be arranged prior to death, which relieves bereaved family members of the burden of making arrangements after death.
  • Your loved ones can visit frequently in a personal, comfortable and climate-controlled setting.

Design options:

  • Colored stones
  • Custom etchings
  • Decorative engravings
  • Several crypts for multiple family members
  • Multiple chambers
  • A seating area for loved ones

Polchinski Memorials is a premier mausoleum company located in Hawthorne in Westchester County, NY. Our buildings are designed, engineered and constructed by Rock of Ages and have a full perpetual warranty that protects you, your heirs and the cemetery. This is the strongest warranty available anywhere. You can trust a Rock of Ages private family mausoleum to represent your family for all the future generations to come.

Polchinski Memorials has been in business for decades, so we are able to give you the valuable advice and guidance necessary for making this important decision. Please call us for more information at 914-984-4198 or 203-413-1345. You can also email us at