A Short Story On Cemetery Monuments

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A Short Story on Cemetery Monuments

The hardest time in our lives is when we have to say a final goodbye to our loved ones. It is the hardest to accept and the most painful to experience. At the same, we want to bid them farewell in the way we believe they deserve. For centuries, people have used many different forms to mark the graves of their loved ones.

One of the best ways to memorialize their lives is to build a monument on their graves in the form of a gravestones head stone, grave marker or tombstone. In earlier times, folklore tells us that this was done so that the dead would not escape from their graves. Today we do it to honor the dead and remember them for many years to come.

In earlier days, people were buried on their own private property. These graves were marked by rough stones, rocks or wood. The deceased’s name, age and year of death were written on the grave. The inscriptions carved on these slates were shallow yet readable and made it possible to trace back their lineage.

Public cemeteries evolved in the nineteenth century. At this point, people started placing more importance on monuments, and began engraving them with small epitaphs or a few words about the deceased.

In the 18th century, graves were covered by iron cages. This practice was short lived and died out by the end of the Victorian era.

In the Victorian era, a greater emphasis was placed on customs and practices associated with death. This paved the way for more elaborate monuments. Today, we see cemeteries that look more like a park, with lavishly decorated and sculptured designs, artwork and symbols as monuments for the graves. These sculptures symbolize various aspects of the person’s life, including their religious beliefs and social standing.

Cemetery monuments are a beautiful and loving way to remember our loved ones. You can customize them in exactly the way you want to remember them. It might be something that would remind you of the life you shared together or something that you would want the world to know and remember.

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