Advice on How to Choose an Epitaph

The most difficult time in a person’s life concerns the death of a family member or friend. It may be experienced on numerous occasions during their lifetime but this doesn’t make the loss any easier. However, dealing effectively and positively with grief caused by these types of losses is essential to the recovery process. The most burdensome part of the whole mourning process may be preparing for a funeral service. Once a loved one has been put to rest the final step of the process is choosing a tombstone or grave marker to identify the grave.

The choice of a stone for the grave is also an opportunity to commemorate a loved one with a significant inscription. An epitaph can highlight personality traits or accomplishments in life, and is a meaningful way to give respect to the deceased. Often times people choose to write an epitaph using a piece of prose, a bible verse, or accomplishments. The purpose of an epitaph is to praise the virtues of your deceased loved one.

Below is advice on how to choose an epitaph:

  • Less is more—on a monument or headstone you will be limited to a few lines. It is important to be concise when trying to sum up a person’s life.
  • Choose wisely—the best epitaphs are timeless and not overly sentimental. It is best to choose an epitaph when emotions have settled down, so you can think clearly.
  • Pick a voice—often, someone is speaking in first person (a relative, a friend; the deceased).
  • Who does it speak to—consider whether you want the epitaph to speak directly to someone, maybe a passerby or the loved one him/herself.

Epitaphs allow us to remember our loved ones in a way we never thought possible. A few sentimental words that describe how a person lived his/her life can give us the strength and courage to move on.

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