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Types of Grave Markers

Grave markers are an integral part of a cemetery. Various styles are available, but some are more common than others. Mentioned below are common styles of grave markers.
Headstone: This marker is usually made of granite, marble, fieldstone or cement and is placed at the head of the grave.
Footstones: Footstone markers are placed at the foot of the grave.
Lawn Markers: This type of marker is mounted flush with the ground. It is usually a bronze plate bolted onto a stone. Carved marble or granite block is used in this type of arrangement.
Niche Markers: These are small granite, marble or bronze plaques mounted on a wall in mausoleums.
Companion Markers: Companion markers contain the names of two or more people.
Temporary Grave Markers: Before a permanent tombstone is installed, temporary grave markers are used to mark the plot after burial. Traditionally it consists of a typed or handwritten card containing the name, birth and death date of the deceased.

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