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Tips for Buying a Memorial Headstone

You always want the best headstone for your deceased loved one. Be very careful and clear in your thoughts while purchasing a memorial headstone in NY.

Following are some simple tips for buying a memorial headstone in NY:

Cemetery Regulations: All cemeteries have a different set of regulations and laws that dictate the type and design of memorial headstone they allow. Some cemeteries also put restrictions on size and dimension of headstones.

Material: Granite is one of the most common choices for a headstone offering durability against the elements. Monuments made from granite can be constructed into a wide variety of sizes and beautiful designs with a high quality finish. Bronze is also a popular choice. Bronze headstones are typically attached to a 4-inch granite base before they are mounted on the grave.

Previous Work: You can also check the company’s previous designed headstones and monuments by visiting cemeteries.

Styles: There are many different styles available for headstones and memorials. You can select flush, bevel, slant, and monument depending on whether you are interested in a flatter design or a marker high above the ground.

Delivery and Installations: Check with the company about the procedures they use for delivery and installation of the memorial headstone and if there any fees for installation.

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