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Inscribing a Headstone for Your Loved One


Having to arrange for a monument, headstone or mausoleum to be erected in honor of a loved one can be a challenging and emotional task. Choosing the perfect words to convey your feelings and seeing it engraved in granite can also be a source of comfort and pride when anyone visits your loved one’s grave. Below are some tips to make the job of choosing the perfect words a little bit easier:

  • Decide which family member or members will oversee the creation of the inscription.
  • Take your time. Don’t feel like there is a time limit on how long it should take.
  • Realize that pictorial carvings can take the place of words whenever words aren’t enough.
  • It might be best to avoid using too many words depending on the size, shape and message you wish to convey.
  • Be open to unique and creative design options.
  • When writing an epitaph, remember that you want it to stand the test of time and to remain relevant for many years into the future.
  • Find a memorial builder that can offer you the most choices, understands the cemetery rules and regulations regarding the size, shape and design of the memorial and can give you the most personalized and creative design choices.
  • It may be helpful to go to the cemetery to observe what other people have done as it relates to their loved one’s gravesite.

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Things to Consider When Looking for a Headstone


Things to Consider When Looking for a Headstone

A headstone is something that most people never think about and rarely shop for. When you begin shopping for a headstone, there are several key elements to keep in mind. These include the cemetery’s headstone rules, the headstone’s shape and size, the setting, and much more. The following are some tips from professionals at Polchinski Memorials, Inc. on important things to consider before purchasing a headstone:

Cemetery’s headstone rules

Obtain a copy of the cemetery’s rules and regulations to see if the cemetery requires a specific type of headstone. It is important to know beforehand what the cemetery allows, so that you do not waste your time and energy looking for a headstone that will simply not be allowed.

How many people will it memorialize?

It is good to know ahead of time if the headstone will be for used for one person or for two. If you are thinking of memorializing more than two people on the same stone, it is important that you specify your requirements to the headstone company representative.

An idea of the other headstones in the cemetery

Most families go in for headstones of the same size, shape, and color as the other headstones in the cemetery. However, there are some who prefer something that will stand out from the others. It is important to know the general size and color of other headstones available in the cemetery so that you can begin thinking about the type of headstone you want.

Consider the shape and size

Consider the shape and size of the headstone. The prices vary based on the size and type of a headstone. If you are not concerned about cost, you can find a headstone in just about any shape and size.

Whether you would want to include an epitaph

Decide whether you would want to put an epitaph on the headstone. An epitaph is a saying that comes to mind when you think of a loved one. Popular epitaphs include Bible verses, proverbs, song lyrics, and personal sayings. They are optional but look nice.

Whether you would want to post a genealogy

Some families choose to have a brief genealogy inscribed at the back of their loved one’s headstone. This is done to identify who a person’s spouse, child or grandchildren are. If you would like to have a genealogy inscribed on your loved one’s headstone for posterity, gather the names of those whom you wish to include.

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