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Video: What are Slant Style Monuments?

Slant style monuments can be used for a grave designed for 1 or 2 burial plots. Depending on the design, an additional name can be added. If you are looking for a company to help you build a slant style monument, contact Polchinski Memorials, Inc. today. We offer the highest quality professional and personalized service. Call 914-984-4198. You can also email


How Cemetery Monuments Were Built in Different Eras

The tradition of honoring our dead with cemetery monuments has evolved over the centuries. From burying the dead on private property to interring them in public cemeteries, and from markings on wood to creating elaborate monuments, it continues to change and evolve to this day. If you are planning to make a cemetery monument for your loved one, let us help you, contact Polchinski Memorials, Inc. Call us at 914-984-4198.


Video: The Benefits of Constructing a Mausoleum

Burial in a mausoleum was traditionally the choice of royalty and the rich. However, it has become a much more common choice these days.It attracts people who dislike the idea of being buried in the ground and prefer burial in an environment protected from the elements.
If you are looking for a mausoleum building company, contact Polchinski Memorials, Inc. Our mausoleums are designed, engineered and constructed by Rock of Ages, with full perpetual warranties that protect you, your heirs and the cemetery. Call 914-984-4198.


Video: Headstone Inscription Ideas by Polchinski Memorials

Headstone inscriptions are the final word in any burial and also the most difficult task. In the video below you will find headstone inscription ideas to help you choose the best epitaph for your loved. Polchinski Memorials, a headstone designer in Hawthorne, NY has been helping families create personalized family headstones for years. To know more, call 914-984-4198 or email