Choosing a cemetery monument

Cemetery monuments range in size, color and shape, from flat, beveled or slant markers that lie on the ground, to multi-piece upright monuments. Most cemetery monuments are made from granite because of its durability, its reasonable price, and its availability in a wide range of colors.

A reputable monument builder will be able to show you fine quality granites and marbles that will accept different styles of lettering and design work.


Monuments are priced according to size, color of material used, design, installation cost, plus whatever applicable cemetery charges are involved.

Styles of Monuments

Cemetery monuments come in a wide variety of styles, shapes and sizes. These styles range from slant style, single double, and upright, to large plot sized monuments. Your stone can also be personalized with symbols or inscriptions to make it unique to honor your loved one in the perfect way.


Most monument builders will warranty their finished product against defects in material, workmanship, and installation. Consult with your monument builder about his warranty.


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