Decoration Ideas for Grave Monuments in Fairfield

Many people decorate grave monuments to make the place special and beautiful. This is a way of paying tribute and respect to the loved one. Before decorating the grave monuments in Fairfield, you should first check the cemetery regulations, whether they allow these decorations or not.

Polchinski Memorials, Inc. an Independent Authorized Rock of Ages Retailer, is a premiere monument and memorial company located in the Westchester area in Hawthorne, NY. Established in 1883, Polchinski Memorials, Inc. has been helping families throughout the greater New York area for over 125 years. You can ask Polchinski Memorials to add a vase or some space for placing flowers or other decorating items on your loved one’s grave monument.

There are many different ways of decorating the grave monuments in Fairfield. Some of them are:

  • Floral Arrangements: You can decorate the grave monuments with flowers or different floral arrangements. Try to use natural flowers instead of using artificial flowers. You can also plant flowers or trees along the gravesite.
  • Flags: In America, during holidays such as Veterans’ Day and Memorial Day, you may notice small flags placed on veterans grave monuments. But, you can use flags on anyone’s grave, and at any time of the year.
  •  Toys: If you are visiting the grave of an infant or child, you can decorate it with a teddy bear or some other toys.
  • Small Stones: You can decorate the graves with small stones. Decoration of grave monuments with small stones is traditional for those of the Jewish faith.
  • Seasonal Decorations: During Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc., you may put up decorations that reflect the occasion. During Halloween, you can place a pumpkin next to the grave, on Valentine’s Day you could leave a bunch of roses and a card. But, always remember to remove the items within a week.


Decoration Ideas for Grave Monuments in Fairfield


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