Prevent Damage to a Granite Memorial While Moving or Installing

Granite is durable, but brittle and easily damaged. If an object strikes the polished surface, then the finish may become dull or scratched. If the wood boards used as spacers have dirt, sand, staples or bent nails in them, then they may scratch the polished surfaces.

Tips to Prevent Damage to a Granite Memorial While Moving or Installing

  • While moving a granite memorial, move it on the unexposed surfaces.
  • Before installing a granite memorial, keep it away from oil or metal that could rust.
  • If the memorial leans against something, wipe it with a cloth and place a softwood spacer board under and in between each granite piece.
  • Take care to protect the polished faces, exposed edges and corners.
  • Anyone who handles the memorial should be properly trained in lifting.
  • While installing a granite memorial, always place it on a soft bed of sand.
  • While installing a granite memorial, remove the dirt around and under the vase holes that are cored through the granite marker or bronze base.

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