Remember Your Loved One by Choosing the Best Monument

Designing a monument or headstone in Westchester, NY is a way to honor your loved one who has passed away. Whatever you choose must be beautiful, unique and should tell the story of the deceased. There is no hurry in choosing a memorial, take your time, think properly and do some research before making a decision.

Following are some factors that should be considered prior to making your purchase:

Cemetery Regulations: Get familiar with the cemetery rules and regulations where you want your loved one’s memorial to be installed. These rules and regulations can greatly affect the design of the memorials. Many cemeteries are quite restrictive about the sizes. Most of the time, a memorial’s size is not under your control. Discuss size with the cemetery staff or an authorized memorial counselor and conform to the cemetery rules and regulations.

Design: Do some research about the memorial designs by walking through some cemeteries and checking some designs online. Polchinski Memorial’s expert designers will lead you through the process of selecting the style that best suits your needs. Polchinski Memorials monuments are custom designed and created per your specifications.

Materials: Some of the common materials are marble, granite, slate, sandstone and bronze. Granite is a preferred choice because of its durability, maintenance, its reasonable price and its availability in a wide range of colors. While bronze is also a good choice for flat markers and for embellishments to monuments.

Plot: Plot decision depends upon your budget and you also need to decide whether you want it for single burial or multiple burials. Purchasing several plots at once is often less expensive than purchasing them individually. Be sure about all the hidden costs such as grave opening or closing fees or cost of setup for graveside services.

Inscription: Figure out what it should say and the type of lettering you prefer. Choosing the phrase or an epitaph, can be the toughest decision to make. The experts at Polchinski Memorials in Hawthorne, NY can help you to decide what to write.

Polchinski Memorials, Inc., an Independent Authorized Rock of Ages retailer, established in 1883, is a premiere monument and memorial company located in the Westchester area in Hawthorne, NY. Polchinski Memorials has been helping families create personalized family memorials, monuments, headstones and mausoleums that are a true reflection of a life well lived.

Polchinski Memorials in Hawthorne, NY designs mausoleums in Cemetery of the Gate of Heaven, Kensico Cemetery, Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Mt. Calvary, Sharon Gardens as well as many of the cemeteries in Westchester and the tri-state area.


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