The Benefits of a Mausoleum


A mausoleum is an external, free-standing building. It is constructed as a monument enclosing the burial chamber of a deceased person or people. Burial in a mausoleum has traditionally been the choice of royalty and the rich. However, it has now become a popular choice. The idea is attractive to people who are uncomfortable with the idea of being buried in the ground and prefer burial in an environment protected from the elements. Below are some benefits of constructing a mausoleum:

  • It is cleaner and dryer than a traditional underground burial.
  • It is a good option for people who do not want to be cremated, or who are uncomfortable with the idea of being buried underground.
  • It reduces the amount of land that is used for a burial, making it more ecologically friendly than an underground burial.
  • It allows people to visit their loved ones any time of the year because the crypts are protected from inclement weather, unlike traditional graves in a cemetery.
  • There is an option to add appropriate background music and convenient benches for visitors to sit comfortably and reflect about their loved ones.
  • It is an opportunity to purchase a family mausoleum where all members of the family can be entombed together. It makes the option of entombment cost effective.
  • Extreme weather conditions and lack of proper equipment may make burial difficult in some areas. There problems are eliminated if you choose a mausoleum.
  • Only when the entire fabrication and construction of a mausoleum is of 100% premium grade granite will its beauty and construction last for generations to come.

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