Tips in Choosing the Right Headstone and Memorial for Your Loved One


If you are reading this, chances are that you have experienced a great loss and you and your family are in the process of grieving for a very special and important individual, whether it be a mother, father, husband, wife, brother, sister, child, grandmother or grandfather. You may want to honor and commemorate their lives and your love for them by putting a headstone or memorial on the grave in the cemetery where they are buried. If you have never done this before, here are some tips in making the right decision.

First visit the cemetery and walk around. Observe the different types of memorials along with the physical surroundings. Because the grieving process is different for everyone, refrain from making a major purchase until your thinking is clear and focused. You might want to meet with an administrator of the cemetery and understand the different rules and regulations pertaining to the size and shape of the monument. Some cemeteries only allow minimal monuments such as flat markers and some have no rules at all related to the size and scope of the monument. The experts at Polchinski Memorials have over a century of experience and are knowledgeable about cemetery regulations which will make the process of choosing the right memorial much easier.

The shape and style of the marker is up to you and there are several colors and shapes available. Some cemeteries have different rules and bylaws regarding the wording on the gravestone. If not, the choice is yours, again depending upon the memorial’s size and shape. Understand that the granite does not weaken over time, but the lettering on a granite headstone may fade. Sometimes erecting a monument or headstone during the winter is not possible due to the hard surface of the ground or inclement weather conditions. Designing, building and installing the perfect monument to your loved one takes time, so be patient when waiting for the finished product.

Polchinski Memorials has the experience and know-how to create a personalized and beautiful memorial, monument, headstone or mausoleum that is a true reflection of a life well-lived. Their caring and compassionate counselors will assist you in creating a lasting tribute to your loved one. At Polchinski Memorials, you can always depend on our superior artisanship, professional and personalized service and over 130-year history of providing the highest quality workmanship. Our address is 7 W. Stevens Avenue in Hawthorne, New York. Call us at 914-984-4198 or 203-413-1345 in Connecticut. You can also email We provide services to Darien, Fairfield County and Greenwich, CT and Manhattan, and Westchester County, NY.


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