Types of Monuments in NY

A cemetery monument is a type of structure explicitly created to commemorate a person and pay tribute to his or her life. Monuments are a tribute to your loved ones who have passed away. Many cemeteries in NY have several regulations on what type of monument and what size of monument they will allow. On the basis of cemetery regulations, your budget and your choice of monument styles, you can decide the monuments for your loved ones.

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There are many types and styles of monuments in Westchester, NY that you can choose from:

  • Slant Style Monuments – This style monument can be used for a grave designed for 1 or 2 burials. A slant style monument is similar to an upright monument but the slanted style helps in easy reading. They are normally low to the ground and it can be one to two feet high the polished face sloping at about a 45 degree angle. Many cemeteries have specific rules and regulations about the sizes of slant that can be used.
  • Single Monuments – The Single Monument in Westchester is a vertical tablet used to identify a single burial plot which in many cases can accommodate up to two interments. They consist of a top stone and base.
  • Double Monuments – Double monuments are designed for couples who wish to have adjoining burial sites in order to show their eternal commitment to one another.
  • Upright Monuments – Upright monuments are most commonly found in older cemeteries, and they include standing headstones and other tablets. These types of monument consist of two separate pieces: a top piece that stands upright and a base for the top to rest upon on. These monuments are made of a number of materials, including granite, marble, slate and sandstone. Some are shaped like a simple dome, but others incorporate more elaborate shapes.
  • Large Plot Sized Monuments – Large plot sized monuments are usually designed for 6 – 12 burials – sometimes more. The layout of the lettering and location of the design play a role in determining how many names will eventually fit on the entire monument
  • Flush Monuments – These lay flush with the ground. They are generally twenty-four inches by twelve inches, but can be larger or smaller depending upon cemetery requirements.
  • Bevel Monuments – These are generally six, eight, ten, or twelve inches above the ground, with the back of the stone being slightly higher than the front. This style is similar to the grass marker in that they rest upon the ground and sit above the grade. A bevel monument is similar to a slant marker, but it has a comparatively less steep angle. The back edge of such a marker is raised two to four inches higher than its front edge.
  • Obelisk- Originally, obelisks came from Egypt. Obelisks are tall, column-like monuments. They are pointed at the top and mounted on four-sided square pedestals. Sometimes the top of the obelisk can have a decoration such as a statue, pyramid or some other structure. Obelisk heights can range from very short to more than 90 inches.

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