What to Look for When Buying a Monument

Thoughtful planning is necessary before buying a monument, it is a huge investment. The monument builder you choose should have an extensive display of monuments, so that you have a variety of choices. Polchinski Memorials will give you information on what size, materials, color, and design to look for when buying a monument.

Things to look for when buying a monument

1. Material used: The most common materials are granite, bronze and marble.

2. Color of the monument: Among the materials mentioned, granite has a range of colors including gray, black, red, pink, brown, green, and blue.  Marble is also available in white and gray.

3. Size of monument: The larger the size, the more the cost of the monument. You can select the size within your budget.

4. Styles and designs: Different styles of monuments available are Upright monuments, Slant markers, Bevel markers, and Flat markers.

Among them Slant and Bevel markers are midway in height between flat markers and upright monuments.

Upright monuments come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes, as they are the largest when compared to others. The designs in flat markers are restricted to small areas. Also, there are wide varieties of design options available, that can range from a standard marker to a custom design.

5. Cost: Monuments are priced according to size, color of material, design and installation cost. Compare different pricing options and choose the best. Make sure that your monument builder offers a proper warranty on the finished product.

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